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    Ugandan customers and his entourages came to visit our company and discussed cooperation matters.

    Article Source:信息中心 Views:5594 Time:2016-4-1 15:23:54

    Report from our correspondent
    , March 22, Ugandan customers and his entourages came to visit our company and discussed cooperation matters.

    Ugandan customers owned company was founded in 2004, the company has owned a number of large farms and feed production bases, the main business also includes import, veterinary medicines, vitamins, mineral premixes and other feed additives, they also have a large fixed customers group. So this investigation visit focused on our choline chloride, threonine and vitamin B2.

    During the visit of the Biotechnology and Technology Industrial Park and workshops, customers are satisfied with our company's infrastructure integrity, production scale, quality control and other aspects, while they also spoke highly of the Groups professionalism and service quality.

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